marijuana in led grow light

The advantages of growing marijuana with LED grow lights

The modern day advantages of growing with LED grow lights by far has improved over a period of time. There have been numerous advancements in LED technology with new cutting edge innovations in chips. It is important to state that not all LED grow lights in fact are good for growing. There are a lot of mass produced models on the market that have bold claims with no real factuality. It is important to explore various products because there are lights on the market now that exceed a growers wildest dreams. We are talking about record yields and flower that is considerably more potent and resinous than plants grown under an HID light. These lights have deeper penetration and like the lights that we produce here at GoGrow, you can count on a light specifically built for marijuana cultivation. The days of medical marijuana only, are over. Many states have passed laws allowing recreational consumption of cannabis as well as countries now globally. LED grow lights have started to take over the grow light industry.

Indoor cultivation of cannabis is now at an all time record high. Numerous people throughout the globe are now growing with LED grow lights because of the incredible savings they present. This is savings in electrical bills, replacement bulbs and increased yields overall. As well, LED grow lights are approved by the European Union as lights that are recognized and known to reduce our carbon footprint. As you see more and more people accepting the science behind global warming you see a move towards reducing our carbon footprint. LED grow lights are one of the greatest steps an indoor grower can take towards helping reduce our dependence on fossils fuels.

Another advantage of LED grow lights is that it is easier to maintain the grow room environment. HID lights require AC as well as ventilation due to the heat they produce. At GoGrow we have been at the fore front in advancements in LED technology for over a decade. Our patented contributions and our continued research and development from our team of global scientists have led to growers saving up to 70% on their electricity bills over HID lights. Our patented duel lens technology that everybody in the industry has copied goes into everyone of our lights. This means a PAR value that is consistent across the canopy as well as deep into it. So in all reality it is important to do your research. You might be surprised at the 2 grams per watt capabilities commercial LED grow lights now have. Like our new Canna Beast series soon to be released or our current flagship model the V3. Now you have a choice to help you GoGrow into the future with GoGrow advanced LED grow lights. Nobody beats GoGrow for quality and value. Contact our research and development department through email, we would be happy to hear about your designs or to work with you in creating something new.
By Jory Rayton