GoGrow V1 Master Grower LED Grow Lights 12 Bands Full Spectrum with UV and IR, CMH 315W Replacement

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Bullet Points

  • 6 benefits you will immediately recognize from V1 compared with 600W Hid: 1. No reflector hood; 2. No ballast; 3. No ducting; 4. No replacing bulbs after each grow; 5. No AC or fans needed to maintain optimum growing temperature range, no hot bud temps in flower stage, less watering and less nutrient usage; 6. Saves your 70% electricity bill;
  • Specially researched for growing medicinal and CBD dominant plants in your grow room, grow tent, plant factory and greenhouse. From over 12 years of extensive testing in our grow lab, we know better what the plants need, one example is the extra red spectrum provided by our grow lights which the plants flourish and produce huge dense buds. Designed for seedling, vegetative, flowering, cloning and generating tremendous trichomes and resin production;
  • It is all about PAR, Coverage and Penetration for grow lights. Do not be mislead by over advertised high wattage LED grow lights which actually produce low power low PAR or high power low PAR. V1 produces the highest PAR at the lowest wattage. High PAR ensures your plants conduct strong photosynthesis which directly translates to strong healthy plants loaded with copious ultimate sensimillia;
  • 3 year no-hassle warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. All service shipping cost free. V1 has only 1 mode, instead of 2 switches we are able to give the light more power. For the lights with Veg and Flower switches, the Veg power is only 1/2 of the total light power. One V1 210W VS 600W HPS, saves you about $350 a year on electricity bill. Two V1 420W VS 1200W HPS, saves you about $700 a year on electricity bill;
  • Easy installation package include 1 Go Grow V1, 1 Power Cord, 2 Carabiners and 2 Rachet Rope Hangers. Just plug it in and watch your plants thriving to be aromatic female Shaman. V3 enables professional growers as well as home growers to enjoy the high times growing experience whenever and wherever you want. (There are 3pcs of IR leds look dimmed, please do not worry, they are working.)