GoGrow Gardener LED Grow Lights, HPS 400W or 4 Feet 8x54W T5 Replacement, Full Spectrum with UV and IR

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Bullet Points

  • High PAR ensures that plants receive a high amount of light nutrients which directly translates to strong healthy plants and high quality yields.
  • Designed for all stages of growing. Seedlings, vegetative, flowering & cloning. Made for growing cannabis and a large variety of herbs, spice, microgreens, succulent, tomato, algae, orchids bonsai and more! 
  • Suitable for your grow room, grow tent, grow box, plant factory, greenhouse and vertical grows.
  • We offer 24/7 365 day North America service center, please call 303-726-2774 if any questions. GoGrow provides a 3 year no-hassle warranty with 90 day money back guarantee. We also cover shipping on repairs. Easy installation package will include 1 GoGrow Gardener led grow light panel, 1 power cord, 2 carabiners and 2 rachet rope hangers.
  • Seeing, smelling, and sampling your own plants is one of the greatest pleasures of growing your own. GoGrow Gardener enables all growers to enjoy a life changing experience whenever and wherever you want.