Grow Light Grow Future


LED grow light is a process in which light is generally used for stimulating plant growth by emitting electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for creating photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a process in which the plant prepares it’s own food by using carbon dioxide, light, water and chlorophyll. LED grow lights are moderately new to the cannabis developing scene; however they have turned out to be very popular throughout the most recent couple of years with their capacity to deliver incredible yields while remaining cool and utilizing a sensible measure of power.

With a quality LED grow light and an average-to-good grow; you can expect yields of about 0.5g/watt. It depends a lot on strain, and pro growers can yield even more. As lighting technology continues to advance, today’s LED models are vastly improved for developing cannabis. They have more extensive ranges of which bring about greener, more beneficial development and better looking buds. Also, LED producers have created particular focal points to guide light specifically toward the plants and increase penetration, bringing about greater yields for the same amount of light compared to older models.

Advantages of LED lights certainly include:

  • Using the most cutting edge indoor cannabis grow lights with a customized spectrum of light
  • Quality (potency, smell) is more important than yields/watt
  • LEDs run very cool and many growers are able to get away without venting heat at all.
  • LED also consumes much less approx.70% electricity than other CFL or other incandescent bulbs.
  • LED grow light is that it last about 100 times more than light bulbs and 6-7 times more than compact fluorescent bulb.

LED grow lights need to be used properly to get the results, but if you know what to expect they pay you back with built-in cooling that allows a grower to hang their lights directly over their plants without worrying about fans, ducting or ballasts. They are easy on the electricity bill and don’t cause a lot of heat problems.

Additionally, buds grown under LEDs are known for producing colorful, sticky, strong and smelly buds! And isn’t producing quality buds the reason we do it all.

More LEDs = Bigger Yields