Eye Protection

As indoor growing becomes more popular so does the demand for more powerful grow lights. Many growers seek higher powered grow lights that can similarly replicate the sun.  However many growers/horticulturalists using artificial grow lights are not aware of the fact that the lights they are using to mimic the sun can have the same damaging effects on their eyes. These grow lights including CFL, HID, HO T5 and LEDs produce UV rays just like the sun which can damage the eyes. Long term exposure can lead to many problems such as cataracts, pterygia, macular degeneration, and more. Just like the sun staring at the bulbs and lenses of grow lights while they are on can lead to the eyes being exposed to heavy UV rays. Not looking at them directly does not protect the eyes entirely from exposure. Grow lights especially ones with higher wattage tend to have greater light intensity and UV rays that reflect from many angles back into the eye. Grow tents for example typically have silver colored walls that reflect the light in many different directions. Along with that white walls have reflective properties and shiny floors can reflect these rays as well. GoGrow acknowledges this and recommends taking precautions to help prevent eye damage. When working with grow lights it is highly recommended that the individual wears UV protective grow glasses.
By Jory Rayton